Community Meeting 03 Nov 2008

Date and time

November 3th, 2008, 18:00 GMT (19:00 CET, 04:00 AEST, 13:00 EST, 10:00 PST).

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Meeting will be held on the #nextwiki irc channel, or possibly voice over skype. Check this topic before the meeting starts.

KoenMartens is in the chair.



  1. Governance
    1. Interim figure head
      • Decision do we need such a beast? (See #InterimFigureHead below)
    2. short-term project management
      1. Decision do we need need to recreate an IGT-like thingy?
  2. Short term priorities
    1. The name & logo
      1. Letter to NextEngine - needed?
      2. Discuss name suggestions via secure chat somewhere (post-meeting?)
      3. Decision what name to we use, or how do we vote?
    2. Media plan
      1. Decision Do we want to place ads on "TWiki"-searches?
      2. Communication to our users, see below "Thoughts on speaking to our users" -- ArthurClemens
      3. Rapid response team for any press-releases/propaganda we can expect soon from
        1. Decision* who stands up to be counted for this?
    3. Task teams
      1. Decision do we go with the task team process?
      2. What task teams are missing?
      3. Decision can this meeting rubber-stamp task teams, or do we have to wait for the Association?
    4. ReleasePlan
      1. Decision Release numbering strategy
      2. Re-starting development
        1. Decision what should we aim to release (brief summary)?
        2. Decision when is the earliest we can release?
    5. Resources and their management
      1. Decision do we want geolocated distributed wiki servers?
      2. Decision who will coordinate donations/organise the mirrors?
      3. other possiblities like techwriter to guide us in re-writing clearer documentation (that we can license differently even)
    6. License
      1. Decision shall we change license a little - lets upgrade to GPL3 or later.
        1. Pros and cons (GPLv2-GPL3 chart)
      2. Is is legally OK to re-license to 3.0 when the current license is 2.0? Would that require a permission from all contributors = impossible in practical?
        • (no, it would not, as TWiki is licensed explcitly or later, and we can choose as a group to adopt later)
    7. Decision do we need commercial 'advertising' and endorsement policies?
      • (ie, a policy saying no, or only on one topic, or on a server only..) - ByLaws start to address this smile
      • if so, who is going to take responsibility for makig sure these are delivered? AssociationTaskTeam?
  3. Longer term priorities (if we have time)
    1. Association
    2. Mission and goals
    3. Development.Roadmap
  4. Closing remarks
    • thank and congratulate everyone.


  1. ArthurClemens probably cannot
  2. CrawfordCurrie
  3. GilmarSantosJr (IRC only)
  4. KennethLavrsen
  5. KoenMartens
  6. KwangErnLiew
  7. LynnwoodBrown
  8. MarkusUeberall (IRC only)
  9. MartinSeibert
  10. OliverKrueger
  11. RafaelAlvarez
  12. SvenDowideit
  13. TravisBarker
  14. EugenMayer
  15. AndreUlrich
  16. MichaelCorbett
  17. MartinCleaver
  18. WolfMarbach

Additional input

Thoughts on speaking to our users

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the meeting. So I would like to add my thoughts here.

Very important at this stage of the project is how we communicate with current TWiki users. We are doing a great job at this. We have a number of entry pages for new people, and the website is generally structured well with a subdivision of hubs.

At the release meeting a number of important decisions will be taken. Let's keep the outcome of these decisions as clear and open as possible.

A great example is Michael Sparks' Kamaelia project site. It has a friendly and direct tone of voice. It doesn't tell too much. This works because - I think - it is his own work. He stays close to himself. It would be great if we could achieve this, to make a difference from (that always has had too much text anyway).

I would like to ask meeting participants to make specific action items to update the website. Keep in mind that TWiki users ( if they will find this place) generally will be reluctant to switch, because of a number of fears (mostly about continuity).

Interim Figure Head

I was thinking that this person would have a similar role to the one RasmusPraestholm was talking about on IRC - someone obvious that new people would ask for 'what can i do', whats a task no-ones working on - general outreach. SvenDowideit - 02 Nov 2008

My thought was probably not so much a central figure head, instead more of a group of multiple community managers that welcome and encourage new people to help work on task x. Many people could do that, but a dedicated group would be a great core. RasmusPraestholm - 02 Nov 2008


  • Governance - Interim
    • No figure head needed
    • Greeting and meeting on email - Martin Seibert. On IRC we all share the responsibility
    • ACTION: Martin Seibert to act as point man for queries and coordinate new folks; all others to provide backup and help out as he requires
    • ACTION item for Martin Seibert: Create a document that describes the role of the "media man" in detail and make it transparent. Offer to be supported by others and actively ask for it. Create a backup-person as soon as possible.
    • PM coordinating the task teams is Wolf Marbach.
    • ACTION: The PM set up a new topic to discuss and define the PM role - With a first proposal!
    • Release manager for next release is Kenneth Lavrsen

  • Brand name
    • ACTION: Michael Daum and Kenneth Lavrsen to lead reduction to 8 names and organise voting.
    • DONE ACTION: DianeChayer (KennethLavrsen's wife to post questionaire Wednesday night latest.)
      • Questionnaire ready to be posted when we are down to 8 names.
    • ACTION: All to return questionaire 1-2 days later

  • Media plan - Communication with users / "customers"
    • ACTION: marketing task team to list newsletter etc jobs that need "just doing" for input. MichaelCorbett is considering coordinating.
    • Rapid response team = Marketing task team

  • Task Teams
    • Roadmap - no conclusion was made.
    • Rubber stamping: Not until association is formed and we have a board.
    • ACTION: CC to take existing teams out of "out of charter" until association is ready to review them

  • Release Plan
    • Release numbering: ACTION: Kenneth Lavrsen to lead discussion on release numbering on wiki to a rapid conclusion
    • ACTION: Kenneth Lavrsen to drive release team to an ASAP compatibilty layer + bugfix release

  • Resources and their management
    • Geolocated distributed wiki servers/ coordinate donations/organise the mirrors: Let the infrastructure team handle this DistributedServersPlan
    • tech writer - deferred

  • Advertising on project site
    • No advertising allowed at all on the site except on the WikiConsultants page.
    • On Extensions web we apply the same guide line as we had on t.o.
    • DONE ACTION: Kenneth copies Plugins web guidelines
      • Done. Also made a guideline topic for the general sponsership so the Wiki Consultants pages are under some ruling.

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