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Task teams are the Foswiki way of organising work. They are like mini-projects within the Foswiki ecosystem. If you identify something - anything - that needs doing, you can create a task team and recruit people to that team to help. You don't have to create a task-team to work on Foswiki, but it helps a lot if everyone can see what is going on in the project, and makes it easier to get help. See TaskTeamGovernance for more information on how task teams work.

Anyone can join a Task Team - see ProjectCulture for why.

If you want to create a task team, please fill in this form. A new task team topic will be created. The initial state of the team will be "Charter under development" which means you are in the process of working out the description of what the team will do, and act as a flag to the administrative group that you are creating this new team.

Team name
Enter a WikiWord name for the task team topic. It's conventional to end the name with "TaskTeam". Good examples are: SiteFacilitatorsTaskTeam, WikiSym2009TaskTeam, MySQLStoreTaskTeam, Release04x02x04TaskTeam
Enter a one-line summary of what the team has been set up to do. For example, Design a new look-and-feel for visually impaired users or Translate the Foswiki documentation into Farsee
Team lead (wikiname)
All teams must have a team leader, who acts as the nominated contact point for the team. Enter the WikiWord name of the team leader(s). This doesn't need to be fixed, the team leader can change during the lifetime of the task, but this field must always be filled in.
Enter the WikiWord names of any committed participants. It is up to you to find other community members who want to participate in your task, or you can just wait to see who volunteers.
Enter the goals of the task team, in English if possible. This should be in the form of a bullet-list. For examples of task team goals, see TaskTeamExamples
Enter the powers the task team needs to get it's job done. List only those powers that are not automatically granted to community members when they register on the project. Examples of powers include: check-in rights, ability to log in to community platforms, ability to raise funds, right to generate press releases. See TaskTeamExamples for more examples.
Target completion date
This is an optional field you can use to set a target completion date or release number. It is not a commitment, it is just a guide for people who may be interested in participating. You can enter a date (please use dd/mm/yyyy format) or a release number (e.g. 5.2.3)

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