Create your Personal Project History

Keep a record and list your accomplishments

The community depends on your work and help. And it helps the community to know who did what, why and when. It's important that new community members know who they are talking to, and who to turn to. And last but not least, the main goal of our top contributors is a simple, honest thank you, and this is one simple way to get them recognised and get them some cheers and the occasional "Thank you!" on the way.

That is why we encourage you to write down what you do for Foswiki. If you want an Example of how this looks like see here:

Why should I create a personal project history?

Do it for others:
  • So they know who you are.
  • So the project has a history.
  • So people can find out who the experts are, and know who to turn to when they get stuck.
  • So people can see what you think is important to get done.

Do it for yourself:
  • Because it makes you feel good.
  • Because it helps you survive periods of inactivity without asking people raising questions about the value you bring.
  • It's for your dignity. You will never have to defend for your reputation. Others will read your achievements and do it for you.

Do it for your reputation:
  • Information: Others will simply know what you do. It is as simple as that.
  • Reputation: Others will appreciate you for what you accomplish for the community.
  • You show others: It is not about self-marketing. It is about valuable contributions.
  • It creates a culture of achievements and positive thinking both for you and your fellow community members.

The border between showing off and motivation

  • Don't ever claim the achievements of others as your own. If someone contributed more, make sure it's clear.
  • Avoid using your track record to intimidate others.
  • Only record significant contributions. "I showed up at the meetings" won't tell anyone anything, except you're a good passive listener.
  • Don't link it from elsewhere in the wiki. Let people find it.
  • Don't "fish for compliments". Anyway, it's only real compliments that motivate thoroughly.
  • Do not compare. A community member with a track record is no better than one without. It is not better to have the longer list. The only thing that makes the difference are the results.

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