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Let's restart the process once again. The previous attempt did not lead to any result. All proposed names are out for one or the other reason. It may be the case that some of them might get reanimated. But for now all previously proposed names are out or simply burned. Maybe the previous process was doomed to fail. Might be my fault that I did not fix the process in the first place. Things developed quickly and we all where hoping to find a good name quickly. The magic bullet so to say. Alas, that did not happen.

That's why we approach this once again, this time a bit different, not by asking everybody to propose some concrete name but by defining which criteria have to be fulfilled, which properties a new name must have. This is done using a short survey. Please answer these questions with great seriousness. Note that we have to find a new name very quickly. However we can't just take some mulugalla or holohullo name. Nor can we use a name where one of the major domains is already taken (.org. net. com) because that will create a branding conflict at least. A domain that is for sale is okay.

This survey will be brought back to the copywriter to give him at least some basic hints of what the name should be about. While it has been tried to do exactly that orally before, the process now should outline the wishes more concrete and standardized in a way that all proposed names will be evaluated on the same base. That is, the most important properties that you vote for will be those that matter most finding a new name, and all candidate names must fulfill these criteria. Any name that does not hold is out.

There are some obvious constraints that must hold, just for technical reasons:
  • major domains must be available (org, net, com), even com to prevent branding problems
  • not trademarked already, i.e. it is not the name of some dot-com company
  • not abusive
  • not sexually suggestive

That's taken for granted by all parties, including the copywriter.

Once this survey has finished all existing and probably new names will be checked back again if they hold to the criteria that matter most to the community.

Then a new voting will be held to elect the final name.The name with the most votes wins, whatever that name will be. Even if it is a silly one, this will be it. And there's no further way to negotiate or discuss the name after that voting has taken place.

Btw, sorry but I could not resist taking out my pencil and create a NextWiki Latest scribble.

Any ongoing discussion is taking place at FindingANewNameLockedDiscussion.

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