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Foswiki is a great platform for communications, both legacy and ongoing status updates, but the foswiki community is generally too busy doing things to use it to keep everyone up to date with the wonderful things happening. There is a strong and active group of developers, users and others on the FoswikiIrc channel, but that means most foswiki interested people are missing out.

To create a regular report of what everyone has been doing, what support questions and tasks need help, and what weird and wacky idea was discussed, I would like to create more micro-blogging feeds like the ExtensionNews - including from svn, github and irc itself. These feeds can then be summarised and aggregated into a the newsletter..

The plan

  1. extract ExtensionNews into a scalable reuseable FoswikiApp, and deploy it everywhere
  2. add microblog to facilities to the FoswikiBot
  3. add twitter toImmediateNotifyPlugin to tweet microblogs
  4. use things like TwitterBuzz to bring external info into the wiki
  5. start using the in foswiki blog to compose newsletters that can be emailed out, and published
  6. grow.
At the same time, I've got ideas for adding a little forum magic smile

I've started working on the ImmediateNotifyPlugin again. One of these days I need to release it. I'm adding some better template processing to give more control over the content of the notification. Then to add IRC and Twitter backend's -- GeorgeClark - 21 Jan 2012

I want this! Twice today I was ready to microblog from IRC, and frustrated that I couldn't!

-- CrawfordCurrie - 23 Jan 2012

I've got to start writing things down, as talking to George on irc shows that I have a mashup of several different things in mind, and none of the them are clear yet.

I seem to be convinced that I will convert the current ExtensionsNews topic to be a one topic per entry wikiapp - I'd like feedback about this tho, as it might just be a blindspot I have.

full microblog with publish to world workflow

One of the big visions I have, is a way for users of a foswiki to trivially create microblog posts that stay on the foswiki, but can be picked up by the external community management group and published to the world.

This would mean that the sending to twitter, g+, facebook, linkedin etc would happen not on save, but via some other post save workflow, resitrcted by permissions - or even a series of permissions.

The simplest would be that someone with PUBLISHTOWORLD permission would see a 'tweet this' button for each previously untweeted post, and could just make it happen. More complicated could be that blog posts would be added to a (possibly) permission restricted category reviewforpublish, and then another possibly restricted category until it hits a publishnow category..

on, we want something like this - where we allow registered user to create and publish a microblog entry on from many different places (topic save, wikiappui, irc, twitter, rest API etc) - this might instantly publish to #foswiki-live, but there should be a trivial workflow for someone with permission (managed like ops on irc) to re-tweet on #foswiki. Similarly, it should become simple to tag a set of microblogs wiht 'add to next weeklyblogpost'

-- SvenDowideit - 24 Jan 2012

On the other hand, microblogging is the foundation of Yammer's success. It is also interesting for companies to provide lightweight communication. MetaCommentPlugin could be enhanced with publishing capabilities.

-- ArthurClemens - 30 Jan 2012

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