Adding a Registration Plugin Handler

Just wondering if there would be any objections to adding a registration handler for plugins. I notice there is one already, but it's invoked on complete(), which
makes it a bit pointless for doing funky stuff with input fields.

Specifically, I would use this handler for adding group membership as a registration field. There would also be some scope for turning the captcha plugin into
a plugin that doesn't touch the core code.

Is this something that people would be interested in?

-- ChrisCauser - 08 Jan 2009

It would be welcomed! smile I'm about to set up a site with OpenSSO registration, where the login is handled on a separate site, and user data is already in a database. With this plugin it would be easy to prefill the registration form, so please go on!

-- AndrasSzell - 09 Jan 2009

"Pluggable registration" has been on the todo list for quite a while now, and this is directly applicable. Here's how it probably should work:
  1. UI/ should be split into "reusable" and "TopicUserMappingContrib" specific parts.
  2. The reusable parts can remain in UI/ for now (they will mostly be the UI handling)
  3. The registration page needs to be reworked to support customisation of fields.
  4. An API to the TopicUserMappingContrib part needs to be designed; in this design, your requirements must be addressed.
The ultimate goal is to provide a way for authors of new authorization modules to customise registration to their taste.

I would be loath to add a plugin handler when all the above work really needs to be done.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 09 Jan 2009

It does indeed look like there is a lot of code duplication and code in which shouldn't be there. However, it's a big task to refactor all this stuff. I'm willing to have a go, but I'm not sure as to if the TopicUserMapping module is the right place to put methods like _createUserTopic. What do you reckon?

-- ChrisCauser - 09 Jan 2009

See PluggableRegistration for more comments.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 12 Jan 2009
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