Release Plan

Release 2.1.7

The next patch/bugfix release of Foswiki will be 2.1.7
  • Development target:
  • Release Candidate:
  • General Availability:
  • Released from: Release02x01 branch
  • Release Blockers: PatchReleaseBlocker

Release 2.2

The next minor release of Foswiki will be 2.2
  • Feature Freeze: TBD
  • Release from: master
  • Beta start: TBD
  • Release target: TBD
Topic Summary Developer CurrentState Bug Tracking
AddBacklinksToQuery Make faster backlinks possible JulianLevens AcceptedProposal Item9289
AddDefaultWebName Add configuration parameters {HomeWebName}, {ConfigWebName}. MichaelDaum AcceptedProposal Item14664
AddFormatControlToSearchChanges Add some formatting control to the $changes() search token. GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal Tasks.Item1390 Tasks.Item9464 Tasks.Item13995
AddOptionalDescriptionToAccessDeniedTemplate Add some optional verbiage to the Access Denied message. GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal  
ConfigurableURLIncludes It would be really helpful if URL includes could be enabled for only certain domains. MichaelDaum AcceptedProposal Tasks.Item12344
ModernizeICONMacro Replace the old ICON macro with JQICON GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal  
TopicDisplayName Let topics have a display title MichaelDaum AcceptedProposal Tasks.Item12830
AddGenerateRandomString Add a function to generate a cryptographically secure random string GeorgeClark MergedToCore Item14507
AddJsViews Please consider adding JsViews library MichaelDaum, ChrisHoefler MergedToCore Tasks.Item14454
AddNoProxyFeature Add a 'NoProxy' configuration option to Foswiki::Net MichaelDaum MergedToCore Tasks.Item14545
AddRegistrationTokenToUserinfo Add $registration token to USERINFO MichaelDaum MergedToCore Item14548
ConfigurableCookieNamesAndPaths Make cookie path and names configurable GeorgeClark MergedToCore Tasks.Item14301
ContinueCanonicalSCRIPTURLDev Continue extending the canonical form of the SCRIPT / PUB URL macros GeorgeClark MergedToCore Tasks.Item13795 Item14339
ImplementAdditiveTopicACLs Implement "additive" Topic level ACLs GeorgeClark MergedToCore Item14342
ImproveBulkRegistration Make bulk registration a bit easier to set up and use GeorgeClark MergedToCore Item9790
ImprovePasswordResetProcess Improve security of password reset. GeorgeClark MergedToCore Item14506
ImproveSupportForComments Support comment syntax in topics and topic templates CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore Tasks.Item13905
MoveQueryPathParsingIntoFoswikiRequest Make Foswiki::Request responsible for parsing the query path and identifying the Web, Topic & Attachment. GeorgeClark MergedToCore Tasks.Item14033
RemoveHomegrownFoswikiNetCode Remove the homegrown Foswiki::Net code that GeorgeClark MergedToCore Item14023
SplitArgumentsinMAKETEXT Allow passing MAKETEXT's placeholder arguments separately JanKrueger MergedToCore Tasks.Item14080
SupportAllMacrosInTemplateTopics Support all macros in template topics CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore Tasks.Item13909
UrlparamPreventNewlineSubstitution URLPARAM: Don't encode newline parameter substition GeorgeClark MergedToCore Item14604
UseRelativeLinksByDefault Templates and Topics should use SCRIPTURLPATH GeorgeClark MergedToCore Tasks.Item13948
UseXForwardedForHeader Optionally get client IP from the X-Forwarded-For header. GeorgeClark MergedToCore Item14380
EnableLowerCaseTopicNames Optional remove restriction that first character of Web / Topic be upper case. GeorgeClark ReadyToMerge Item14602
Number of topics: 25

Candidates for 2.2 need further investigation / consideration

Future Release

The following proposals have been accepted but are slotted for some future release - to be determined.

Topic Summary Developer CurrentState Bug Tracking
AddPasswordManagementFunctions Add way to disable and expire passwords, and expire accounts. GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal  
AddTakeOutPutBackBlocksToFunc Add takeOut / putBack calls to Func GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal  
EasyDevelopment Fast VM developer environment with Vagrant provisioning JulianLevens, OlivierRaginel AcceptedProposal  
EnableFriendlyAttributeParser Enable an old feature that has limited exposure. GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal  
PreferenceValuesInDifferentContexts Retrieve preference values in different contexts CrawfordCurrie AcceptedProposal Tasks.Item11789
ReduceImpactOfCGIDotPMinFoswiki Reduce impact of in Foswiki MichaelDaum, GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal  
OOConfigSpecsFormat Utilizing pure Perl for config specs. VadimBelman UnderConstruction  
Number of topics: 7
Topic revision: r107 - 07 Nov 2020, MichaelDaum
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