Source Modification Policy: Follows Release Process

This Subversion modification policy applies to all extensions that ship by default with the Foswiki distribution and so are considered to be part of the core Foswiki product. Development for all extensions packaged with the default distribution must comply with the Foswiki release process for core development.

The following are listed as FollowsReleaseProcess:

Extension Author
iconPluginPackage.gif AutoViewTemplatePlugin Foswiki:Main.OliverKrueger, Foswiki:Main.MichaelDaum
iconContribPackage.gif BehaviourContrib  
iconPluginPackage.gif CommentPlugin Foswiki:Main.CrawfordCurrie inspired by the work of TWiki:Main.DavidWeller and TWiki:Main.PeterMasiar
iconContribPackage.gif CompareRevisionsAddOn Foswiki:Main.KennethLavrsen
iconPluginPackage.gif ConfigurePlugin CrawfordCurrie
iconPluginPackage.gif CpanContrib OliverKrueger
iconPluginPackage.gif EditRowPlugin Crawford Currie
iconPluginPackage.gif EditTablePlugin ProjectContributor
iconPluginPackage.gif EmptyPlugin %$CREATED_AUTHOR%
iconContribPackage.gif FamFamFamContrib ProjectContributor
iconContribPackage.gif FastCGIEngineContrib Gilmar Santos Jr
iconPluginPackage.gif HistoryPlugin Foswiki:Main.KennethLavrsen
iconPluginPackage.gif HomePagePlugin Foswiki:Main.SvenDowideit
iconPluginPackage.gif InterwikiPlugin Foswiki:Main.AndreaSterbini, TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny
iconPluginPackage.gif JEditableContrib Crawford Currie
iconPluginPackage.gif JQueryPlugin ProjectContributor
iconContribPackage.gif JSCalendarContrib Foswiki:Main/CrawfordCurrie
iconPluginPackage.gif JsonRpcContrib Michael Daum
iconContribPackage.gif MailerContrib Crawford Currie
iconContribPackage.gif ModPerlEngineContrib Foswiki:Main.GilmarSantosJr
iconPluginPackage.gif NatEditPlugin Michael Daum
iconContribPackage.gif PatchItem12225Contrib  
iconSkinPackage.gif PatternSkin Arthur Clemens
iconContribPackage.gif PlainFileStoreContrib CrawfordCurrie
iconPluginPackage.gif PreferencesPlugin ProjectContributor
iconPluginPackage.gif PubLinkFixupPlugin GeorgeClark
iconContribPackage.gif RCSStoreContrib ProjectContributor
iconPluginPackage.gif RenderListPlugin ProjectContributor
iconPluginPackage.gif SlideShowPlugin Foswiki:Main.EugenMayer, Foswiki:Main.ArthurClemens, Foswiki:Main.MichaelDaum
iconPluginPackage.gif SmiliesPlugin ProjectContributor
iconPluginPackage.gif SpreadSheetPlugin ProjectContributor
iconPluginPackage.gif SubscribePlugin Crawford Currie
iconPluginPackage.gif TWikiCompatibilityPlugin Sven Dowideit, Michael Daum, Crawford Currie
iconPluginPackage.gif TablePlugin ProjectContributor
iconContribPackage.gif TablesContrib Crawford Currie
iconPluginPackage.gif TinyMCEPlugin Crawford Currie
iconContribPackage.gif TipsContrib ProjectContributor
iconContribPackage.gif TopicUserMappingContrib ProjectContributor
iconPluginPackage.gif TwistyPlugin Foswiki:Main.RafaelAlvarez, Foswiki:Main.MichaelDaum, Foswiki:Main.ArthurClemens
iconPluginPackage.gif UpdatesPlugin Foswiki:Main.MichaelDaum, Foswiki:Main.CrawfordCurrie
iconPluginPackage.gif WysiwygPlugin Crawford Currie, Foswiki Contributors
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These extensions follows the exact same rules for changes as the core Foswiki code. Extra care is required to ensure 100% backwards compatibility is any changes done to this set of extensions. Not even the maintainer or author responsible for the extension is allowed to change the behavior of these extensions without a review period and community agreement.

Changes (such as bugfixes) to an extension that don't change the features of the extension can be handled by raising a task in the tasks web. If you don't have checkin rights then just attach a patch.

For changes to the features of the extension take these two steps.

  • If an extension has a maintainer/author - it is wise to discuss your proposal with the maintainer first as he/she knows the code and the features best and can advise you on how to write your proposal so it is clear and has the best possible chance to be accepted.
  • Next you submit a feature proposal on FeatureProposals and follow up the next days answering any questions that often comes as a reaction. The process for approval or rejection is described in Development/ReleaseProcess.

For more information on the workflow of a core Foswiki developer, see DeveloperResponsibilities.
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