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Active Tasks

Id Summary Priority Current State
Item10276 regex search for /.*/ produces high load un-necessarily Normal Being Worked On
Item10328 use the writeDebug, luke! Enhancement New
Item10463 WIBNIF we had a distinct() operator Enhancement New
Item10610 Foo~'*Blah' is massively slower than Foo='Blah' Low New
Item10628 MongoDB query does not do numeric OP's on number fields / prefs correctly, because atm, everything isa string. Urgent Confirmed
Item10652 MongoDBPlugin milestone 5 Normal New
Item10653 The simpler WebTopicList is slower than WebIndex Low Confirmed
Item10670 JS Error: SyntaxError: missing ) in parenthetical nofile_a:0 Normal New
Item10702 fix the non-aliased version of Query's for META: in MongoDBPlugin Normal New
Item10704 Minimise chattiness (with Store) of paged SEARCHes Normal New
Item10740 MongoDBPlugin breaks Foswiki unless all replicas are up Normal New
Item10761 make MongoDBPlugin not crash foswiki if MongoDB service is not running Low New
Item10783 MongoDB hoisting generates where clauses after simplification Normal New
Item10829 WIBNIF we didn't have to store this redundant _raw_text stuff Enhancement New
Item11022 Enhance order param so we can sort on any VarQUERY/"getField" expression Enhancement Confirmed
Item11040 MongoDB error in regex search and match query Normal New
Item11061 lc(Field) =~ lc('something') failing again Normal New
Item11244 Item11215 introduced a filterByDate method, which MongoDBPlugin lacks Urgent New
Item11475 Mongo ignores form names when matching fields. Urgent New
Item11496 _updateTopic tries to set meta with undef name key Urgent Confirmed
Item11551 MongoDBPlugin still using the old loadedRev=0 semantics Normal Confirmed
Item11672 TOPICINFO or rcslite with mongo missing topics Urgent Waiting for Feedback
Item11885 Ambiguous Foswiki ACLs confuse MongoDB ACL cache Enhancement New
Item12222 autobuild with MongoDBPlugin Normal Being Worked On
Item12224 mongodb remove web should be recursive Urgent Confirmed
Item9950 MongoDB unit test failures due to sort ordering Normal New
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