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JSCalendar not responding to click on dates


I experience some problems with the JSCalendarContrib on our Foswiki site. The calendar is not responding when I click on dates, and the date is not passed to the date field. If I click on the "next month" arrow, the date is passed fot the date field, but the calendar is not closed. I have cheked my apache logs, and all js file are found.

I then check the "error console" in my Firefox 3.0.6, and when using the JSCalendar at my site (when I click on a date), it says:

Error: too much recursion
Source File: http://file01/Foswiki-1.0.4/pub/System/JSCalendarContrib/calendar.js
Line: 1800

Then I did the same test at the JSCalendarContrib (section "Using the Calendar in user forms") Extension JSCalendarContrib, and there it works fine. No error is poped in the error console. My JSCalendarContrib version is 3048 (2009-03-12)

Can someone help be find out what the problem might be?

Best regards

-- AtleBriskemyr - 16 Apr 2009

it's a known bug with no resolution at TWiki:Support.SID-00166. But based on the discussion at Tasks.Item907 and Tasks.Item913, I did an HTTP trace and found that there multiple loads of /pub/TWiki/JSCalendarContrib/calendar.js

In my case, it was because I was using the calendar in UserCommentsTemplate: I commented out the load in that template and the problem went away.

-- SeanMorgan - 16 Apr 2009

Accepted Answer

Hi! Thanks!! This helped me track this issue down. We use the NatSkin and somewhere in those templates, the calendar.js is included. So for usage of the calendar, I have to make sure not to include
. And only include the
 <script type='text/javascript' src='/Foswiki-1.0.4/pub/System/JSCalendarContrib/calendar-setup.js'></script>
if needed.

-- AtleBriskemyr - 21 Apr 2009

weren't there recent fixes to deal with multiply-included javascript files (sparked by problems with JSCalendarContrib)? though perhaps the issues with NatSkin are different...

-- WillNorris - 21 Apr 2009

I recognized the same issue on an upgraded 1.0.6 installaton using pattern skin. The solution posted by AtleBriskemyr also solved the issue in this case.

-- IngoKappler - 27 Jun 2009

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