Item13467: several UI enhancements for the configure script

Priority: Enhancement
Current State: Confirmed
Released In: n/a
Target Release:
Applies To: Extension
Component: Configure
Reported By: GuilainCabannes
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Last Change By: GeorgeClark
  • After discover the new configure script UI, the following things could be improve:

item Proposition Remarks, discussion
link to the site is presented as a button, with only an url
prefer an simple hyperlink or write "visit your wiki"
It was a deliberate design decision, so the admin is in no doubt as to the URL being used to get to the wiki (CDot)
when login is outdated (timeout) we get an wonderful error... (see attachment) would be preferable to redirect to the login page
about this "authentication timeout", 1.2 seems to be shorter than 1.9 ?
However, even authentication is timeout, we can get access to "general setting"
normal ?
search an extension is a wonderful idea, but searching is painful, it seems to make an AND between the name of the plugin and the description.
Concretely, is easy to put something in the name and in the description (by forgetting to suppress one or other)
at least be clear about the logic relation of search between name and description
proposed and suppression of one of the field
make a search which elarge at the maximum the result
In extension search, the search description field is probably not enough for finding a plugin, lot of plugin have weak description
search on the full topic plugin ?
in extension search, when no plugin is founded,
don't proposed "report" "install", "remove" it doesn't make sense
in extension search, when a plugin is founded, "report" button is difficult to understand
precise that this button generate a report to the foswiki dependencies
in extension search, when a plugin is founded, "install dependencies" checkbox should
precise is only a foswiki dependency
in extension search, when a plugin is founded,
precise the cpan perl dependencies
when installing extension, an empty "validation" window could appeared
something is not catch very well...
in extension search, several windows are generated and close them is painful:
one window for the search
an other one is opened for the founded plugin
a last one is opened for the installed plugin
one time this 3 windows opened, the user need to close three time
open one windows, several tab, dynamic zone, refresh, step after step, but the aim is to reduce the number of window (who produce several close)
and more, after having closed you have two new window (redundant)
at the save configuration
for return that everything as been changed
is there any plan to translate configure script ?
No (CDot)

-- GuilainCabannes - 20 Jun 2015

Setting this to confirmed. Many of these still apply to 2.1

-- GeorgeClark - 26 Sep 2016

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Summary several UI enhancements for the configure script
ReportedBy GuilainCabannes
Codebase 1.2.0 beta2
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AppliesTo Extension
Component Configure
Priority Enhancement
CurrentState Confirmed
ReleasedIn n/a
Topic revision: r3 - 26 Sep 2016, GeorgeClark
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