Item14901: Add support for XML and CERT data types in configure pages

Priority: Enhancement
Current State: Closed
Released In: 2.1.7
Target Release: patch
Applies To: Extension
Component: ConfigurePlugin
Branches: master Release02x01
Reported By: TimothyLegge
Waiting For:
Last Change By: MichaelDaum
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I am looking at some improvements to the configuration of the SamlLoginContrib. It currently requires you to put the certs and the metadata.xml on the server in a location to be read in as a file. I would like to allow adding those items to the LocalSite.cfg. I propose adding:

1. Types.CERT 1. Types.XML

to ConfigurePlugin/pub/System/ConfigurePlugin/types.uncompressed.js

The only field present currently that is big enough is Types.PERL which tries to evaluate as valid perl. I did a PoC just making the validation pass with:

av = eval(1);  // FIXME: TIM
bv = eval(1);  // FIXME: TIM

and the resulting fields will work for me.

I don't mind doing the work to validate that the xml is valid uncommented xml and that the cert is a valid certificate but I want to check whether this would be considered for inclusion first. There are a least a few plugins/contribs that would be improved by a larger field for certificates (LDAP and SMTP)

Was't really paying attention, the firl I mentioned is Java Script so validating a certificate format would require either something like PKI.js or simply checking for the correct beginning and ending of a base64 encoded cert. I imagine xml check might be possible in Javascript but I have not looked

The attached types.uncompressed.js.diff does what I would like. I am not a Javascript programmer nor do I play one on TV so feel free to improve. -- TimothyLegge - 15 Apr 2020[[/pub/Tasks/Item14901/][]]

-- TimothyLegge - 15 Apr 2020

Okay, so this is merged now.

Only things remaining are:

  • add an entry to the change log of System.ConfigurePlugin
  • update VERSION and RELEASE in Foswiki::Plugins::ConfigurePlugin
  • update all copyright years as mentioned in the sources
  • cherry pick those changes to/from both active branches in the repo

Then flag this bug item waiting for release so that mentioning it in the release notes of 2.1.7 won't fall thru the crax.

-- MichaelDaum - 17 Apr 2020

I will do that later today or this weekend

-- TimothyLegge - 17 Apr 2020

Merger and think I did everything.

-- TimothyLegge - 19 Apr 2020
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