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Needed Changes for the Website Skin

To all who commented here: please create individual task items or add to NatEditPlugin, NatSkin or whatever. This task item is a total mess. I simply removed some of the comments that do not apply anymore or have been agreed on. That's not the best way to track this. So do me a favor and file individual bug reports - MD


  • I cannot move an attachment to a page which name is not a WikiWord. For instance all Tasks items. -- ArthurClemens - 02 Dec 2008
  • Not exactly a bug, but a serious limitation: Item250: link cannot be made bold on Foswiki site. -- IsaacLin - 17 Dec 2008

Related to page titles:
  • General discussion on user interaction of page titles: UserExperienceProjectPageTitle
  • Create a new topic page: the difference between Title and Name is not clear. -- ArthurClemens - 04 Nov 2008 - 23:38
  • BUG: When coming from a "topic not found" page (mistyped url for instance), then clicking on link "Create this topic", the topic name is not copied to the Create new topic page. -- ArthurClemens - 05 Nov 2008 - 00:03


  • I like the skin but its too "corporate intranet" for a public website. Even though this is our biggest target market, here we need to be more relaxed
  • We need a better placeholder logo, or a return to header strip art similar to that in the MT skin
  • I liked the trees. I also noticed that Sven had several versions for different times of the day - would be cool to somehow change the header based on the user's local time. See for an even cooler idea (actually, here are the details of how it works. Dunstan is a smart guy. - JaseWickham - 04 November 2008

Functional Improvements


  • is there a need for a Main.TWikiUsers Users link? -- WillNorris - 06 Nov 2008 - 01:52
  • webs on the right of the naviagationbar dissapear (now the shop up as overlay text below) in narrow windows, a horizontal scroll bar should be appear instead -- MatthiasThullner - 05 Nov 2008 - 21:50


  • Parenting can now only be done in the edit screen, tab Settings. While "Settings" might not sufficiently reveal the function of reparenting, I would at least suggest to offer this at the Tools page.
  • The reparenting input field lacks the possibility to choose from a list, as in the default skin. -- ArthurClemens - 08 Nov 2008 - 14:24
  • It is now not possible to set the parent to none (empty). -- ArthurClemens - 08 Nov 2008 - 14:30

Selecting a new (parent) topic using a select box is (a) too expensive to get the list of all topics in large webs and (b) a usability nightmare. Selecting data items like topics, webs or users need an ajax autocompletion.

In general, the strategy is to get functions off the oopsmore / tools page into a place where it makes more sense.

Setting the parent to WebHome "removes" it.

-- MichaelDaum - 15 Jan 2009


  • Every time I want to move or delete a topic, I am tempted to hit the move or delete a web button instead of the one for topics. Anyone has a similar experience? -- SebastianKlus - 17 Nov 2008 - 19:58

This function is available in the topic actions directly and has been removed from the oopsmore screen.

-- MichaelDaum - 15 Jan 2009


  • the view page, "new" button is too close to the regular used buttons like edit. Now it always take one correction move to not hit it. -- ArthurClemens - 04 Nov 2008 - 21:40
    • Funny,I was going to comment that somehow I always manage to hit new instead of edit. -- RafaelAlvarez
    • Topic functions have been reordered and a javascript hint has been added to ease spotting the right action. -- MichaelDaum - 15 Jan 2009

  • I'd like to see the toolbar by the bottom of pages as well as top, on the preview page too (preference maybe?). -- RasmusPraestholm - 05 Nov 2008
    • Was about to write the same comment smile -- JaseWickham - 05 Nov 2008 - 11:10
    • The simpler the page gets - i.e. by removing controls - the better. The first that went out years ago are repeated elements. Reactions of users have been quite positive about it. -- MichaelDaum - 15 Jan 2009

  • Where'd the fancy toolbar with names go? I liked it more than the small one with icons only. Maybe make it a user preference? -- RasmusPraestholm - 06 Nov 2008 - 00:04
    • Don't understand this comment. -- MichaelDaum - 15 Jan 2009

  • delete should not be on the toolbar; put it in more or tools or somewhere else... -- WillNorris - 06 Nov 2008 - 23:27
    • Got feedback for both. -- MichaelDaum - 12 Nov 2008 - 08:29

  • the new (default, not kino) search only searches the current web, and the option "all webs" is hidden between the other options. -- ArthurClemens - 04 Nov 2008
    • I've switched back to natskin to learn a little more about it (so i can work on the copycat again smile ) and noticed that the nat kino impl uses POST rather than GET, making it less 'hackable', also, Lynnwood noticed that there is no web selection box - SvenDowideit

Request for progress update

(Please feel free to delete this section once an update has been provided.)

There hasn't been any update on the status of these issues, including bugs that hamper use of the site. I understand that MichaelDaum had been nominally in charge of the skin appearance, but as he will not be working on Foswiki until at least the new year, I have set this item to be waiting for CarloSchulz as the UserExperienceTaskTeam has responsibility for the direction of the Foswiki web site (and the WebsiteFacilitatorTaskTeam has disclaimed responsibility for the look and feel of the site). -- IsaacLin - 15 Dec 2008

I'm going to update / fix some issues within the next two days... Anyone willing to help shall contact me...

Fixed a bunch. Done visual improvements. Removed some agreed points. Browsing the history has been reworked. Diffing the last version has been reworked. Restoring a previous version has been reworked.

-- MichaelDaum - 15 Jan 2009

I am closing this. It is raised against the website and no longer relevant.

As Michael says correctly - raise individual bug reports for each problem. These collector bug reports are impossible to action or to ever close. They end up as compost.

-- KennethLavrsen - 24 Mar 2009
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