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Note: Since Foswiki Association e.V. is a German registered association, the legally binding privacy policy ("Datenschutzerklärung") needs to be written in German; the complete text can be found here: GermanPrivacyPolicy.
The temporary high-level summary below will be replaced by a manual translation of (and merged side-by-side with) the aforementioned topic ASAP in order to reflect changes introduced by the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR, Directive 95/46/EC).

This document was ratified by the Foswiki Association Board decision 20091130-D6 and is binding on association members and users of this website.


The Foswiki project respects your privacy and does not collect any personal information from anonymous users of the Foswiki websites. The Foswiki web server does collect information sent by your web browser (see "Server information" below).

Users who register with any Foswiki website are requested to provide their real name. This information is displayed publicly. For any Foswiki server with which you have registered, your secret data used to authenticate you (such as a password) is kept private.

When you are logged into a Foswiki server, including any websites or repository servers, your interactions with the Foswiki server may be tracked and may be posted publicly.

Server information

When your web browser interacts with a web server, it sends some technical information to the web server, including the following:
  • your type of web browser
  • your operating system
  • if you followed a link on a web page to reach the web server, the address of the referring page
  • the address of the page you are accessing
  • any cookies stored by the web browser for interactions with the web server

In addition, when you connect to any server over the Internet, including web servers and Subversion repository servers, the following information is sent:
  • IP address of the computer or other access point from which you are accessing the server

The Foswiki servers may record this information in logs. The logs are accessible to the computer administrative staff of the Foswiki project. The adminstrative staff is only authorized to use the logs to ensure the continued functioning of the Foswiki servers, both at present and in future, and to perform usage analysis. The board of directors may collectively request access to the logs or any analysis based on the logs. No public disclosure of the logs or any analysis of the logs shall be authorized by the Foswiki project, with the following exceptions:
  • Upon presentation of a subpoena or other mandatory request from law enforcement, the board of directors may authorize the disclosure of information sufficient to comply with the request.
  • Aggregated statistics from which no individual user information can be deduced may be released. The board of directors must authorize such disclosure.
  • If a user authorizes the release of information contained within the logs related to his/her sessions, then it may be made publicly available.

The Foswiki project may make use of project tools deployed on servers not under the control, in whole or in part, of the Foswiki team. In this case, access to any server logs is also subject to the privacy policy of the server providers.


To enable users to log into the Foswiki websites or to improve the ability of users to navigate through the websites, the Foswiki web servers may send pieces of information called cookies to your web client that store information about your current session. Your web browser will send these cookies to the web servers in all of its requests. These cookies are non-persistent and are not saved to your hard disk; when you close your web browser, the cookie is eliminated.

The Foswiki web servers may also send cookies used to assist with usage analysis, both during the current session and across multiple sessions. Cookies that track your usage may be saved to your hard disk and subsequently sent by your web browser during future sessions.

The Foswiki web servers may also send cookies to your web browser to save configuration information between visits to the websites. The cookies store information about the login name you used to register with the Foswiki project and the configuration information being saved. Your web browser will send these cookies to the web servers in all of its requests. These cookies are saved to your hard disk.

Submission of information to Foswiki tools

Unless otherwise specified, any information you submit to the Foswiki websites, other project repositories such as the Foswiki Subversion server or the Foswiki mailing lists, or any other Foswiki project tool may be displayed publicly.

The Foswiki project may, from time to time, make available surveys or other tools that request personal information. The Foswiki project may issue specific privacy statements as part of the tools that govern the handling of the data collected by these tools.

Removal of personal information

We regret that at this time there is no process to remove personal information or other identifying information from the data managed by the Foswiki project. The Foswiki websites and Subversion repository contain version-controlled data, and associating an identity with each change is integral to their functionality.

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