Fifth General Assembly Minutes

I. Call for quorum

CrawfordCurrie lead the assembly. An invitation with a preliminary agenda was sent to all members via email on March 26th, 2014. Therefore this GA had a quorum.


The following active members asked to be represented according to § 9.7 of the AssociationArticles.
Active Member Represented by Scope
FranzJosefGigler OliverKrueger election of the board

II. Election of two vote counters

MichaelDaum and MarkusUeberall counted votes.

III. Induction of new members

No new members were introduced.

IV. (unused)

V. Election of the of the Board of Directors and substitute members

Candidates for board members:
Proposee Number of votes
GeorgeClark 10
LynnwoodBrown 11
JulianLevens 10
PadraigLennon 2

GeorgeClark was reelected as a board member. LynnwoodBrown and JulianLevens were elected into the board. All three accepted their election.

The "new" board consists of: PaulHarvey, MichaelDaum, LynnwoodBrown, JulianLevens and GeorgeClark

VI. non-board Auditors / Financial Report

Financial Statement

OliverKrueger presented Community.Finance.FinancialStatement2013.
  • Main income: membership fees. Bad payment morale.
  • Biggest expenditure: tax advisor (needed for the non-profit status)
  • All costs can be covered if all members pay their fees.
  • Current balance: 1039.49€ (on Dec 31st, 2013 it was 1570.35 €)
  • In the meantime about 500 € were spent on the FoswikiCamp.

Auditors report

ArthurClemens was appointed as an auditor on the last GA, but left the project in the meantime. PadraigLennon gave his audit result:
  • One assumed inconsistency between the Paypal report and the Finance web was found regarding the fee payment of CrawfordCurrie on 2012-10-25.
  • It turned out as a misinterpretation of the Paypal report. Neither money was missing nor overcharged.

The GA accepted the reports and exonerated the board.

Election of two auditors for the next year

CrawfordCurrie and PadraigLennon were appointed as auditors for the next GA.

VII. Proposals received from the members for Bylaws


VIII. Review of current Task teams

  • See discussion in the logs for details. Starting at +1h20m
  • Current active TaskTeams at the moment are: Infrastructure, Security and Release
  • Stalled TaskTeams need to be reviewed, team memberships, too
  • Infrastructure / Translation
    • "pootle is dead", alternatives needed
      Clarification: The pootle product / project itself is not dead. However, our pootle installation has died and the configuration appears to have been lost. So it's a reasonable opportunity to look at alternatives. Weblate appears to have much better git integration.
      -- GeorgeClark - 18 May 2014
    • Suggestion to fold the Translation team into the Infrastructure team
    • Migration to git should be pushed
  • Release Team

IX. Misc


X. Closing

The assembly was closed by CrawfordCurrie at 15:50 UTC.

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