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IRC is a text-based conference calling, precursor to instant messaging, online publishing, conference room, etc., which is complementary to other communications systems. This includes non-realtime systems like wiki, email, and usenet. IRC is used for planning, discussing, chatting, support, and socialisation with fellow developers and wiki users.

We have people drop by the #foswiki IRC channel all the time with questions. We have had interesting discussions with some very experienced foswiki developers and site administrators, and some still working on their first installations.

Hopefully a greater number of (former) TWiki community members will spend some time on IRC. This will help further establish the utility of #foswiki for those that drop by. It's also fun. big grin Show your support by idling in the #foswiki IRC channel, and chat away as much as you feel like. wink

IRC is an unmoderated forum supporting free speech. Most users of IRC dislike those who openly behave in an offensive manner; however, bear in mind that one person's definition of offensive may not be the same as another.

For total IRC newbies

What is IRC, some pages with basic IRC commands, some basic jargon and full list of IRC acronyms.

For community members who are helping others

Please refer to HelpingOthersInTheIRCGuideline.

Project Chat

Frequent chatters

Quite a few people regularly hang out in the channel. Please don't be discouraged if you visit #foswiki and nobody is talking. Hang out and say something. People do read and reply to what is said even if it's many hours later when they look at their IRC client again.

Who's who?

ContributorSorted ascending IRC nick
ColasNahaboo, Colas, Colas_, ColasHome
RichardD or RichardDonkin
The logger robot

How to connect to IRC

Connecting through web based IRC client

Use InternetRelayChatWebInterface or directly.

Connecting from an IRC client

To connect, launch an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client ( contains a list of IRC clients). Connect to (tls). Additional information can be found at the site. Use the command /join #foswiki to join the channel.


In Trillian right click the middle connection circle representing IRC, select connection manager. You will then see the following:

Trillian Connection Manager

Now add to your server list. Select from the server list, or type it directly into the group box; keep the default port as shown above.

Once you've typed this first page, click the 'Perform buffer' tab and select the 'On connection, perform this commands'. In the box type:
   /nick WikiName; /join #foswiki

Hit connect and you are done.

  • Trillian is slick and intuitive. The only issue I had was their "hide" button (the green one which looks like mininize). It hides message window from both desktop and taskbar, and there is no obvious way to get it back. Here is the trick: click on trillian icon on taskbar - you'll get your contact list. On the right side there is dark area - hidden drawer (if you hover mouse, tooltip will say it). Click on it and it will open the drawer with all your hidden message windows. smile You can make drawer wider by dragging on the edge, although there are no affordances which might suggest that; leave it open.

Pidgin (formerly GAIM)

When you start Pidgin for the first time you should see an Accounts button. Click it. Create a new account for; protocol IRC, Screenname your wikiname, Server Then click on the "online" checkbox in the Accounts window. Wait patiently, and you should eventually see a Contact List window, and a ChanServ window. In the the lower window in ChanServ, type /join #foswiki. Bring the #foswiki window to the front, and chat away!

Other IRC Clients

I welcome folks to edit this page with specifics for additional IRC clients.

General instructions for new people, should work on any IRC client - commands start with /, anything else goes to the channel (chat room):
  • Type /nick WikiName
  • Type /join #foswiki
  • Say hello!
Cross-platform: Unix/Linux: Windows: PalmOS: MacOS:


[LOGGER_FOSWIKI] is a bot that should appear in the user list for the channel. You should be able to use your irc client to open a private chat with it, say anything to it and it will provide you with help. It maintains Foswiki's irc logs on the web, via the irclogger script.


  • The welcome message said "talk to [LOGGER_FOSWIKI] for help"; how is that done?
    • /msg [LOGGER_FOSWIKI] help for instance (case is unsignificant), or open a "private conversation with user [LOGGER_FOSWIKI] on graphical clients
  • Is there an IRC command for retrieving history or is Colas' web form the only|best way? - no, no IRC commands
  • How about connecting from behind a hyper-active firewall? it's because of one of these I can only use IRC at night (PST) and the IRCers are all gone by then.
    • The best solution is the IRC web interface.
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