Current State

  • New the issue has just been found, and hasn't been analysed yet, or there is new data about an existing issue.
  • Waiting for Feedback the report was insufficient to analyse the issue, and more feedback is needed from the person named in the "Waiting For" field. Once the reporter has added feedback they should flip the state back to "New" by editing the topic and changing the CurrentState. If feedback is not received within 30 days, the issue will be discarded.
  • Confirmed the issue has been analysed, and the bug is confirmed by a developer or second party. The item can henceforth be classified regarding release blocking status etc. Someone needs to pick it up and fix it.
  • Proposal Required The task requires an Accepted Feature Proposal with a committed developer before changes should be committed
  • Needs Developer Used for (Orphaned?) extensions, or enhancements. A developer needs to pick this up, analyze it and possibly implement it. Moves tasks out of the New "triage" queue.
  • Being Worked On the issue has been analyzed, and is being worked on by the developer named in the "Waiting For" field.
  • Needs Merge work on the issue has been completed in in a branch, but hasn't been merged over to the master branch yet. This might be because more testing is needed, or we're waiting for consensus on a feature.
  • Waiting for Release the issue reported has been fixed and is queued for release. See the TargetRelease field to see whether it is queued for the next patch, minor, or major release. If the reporter isn't satisfied with the fix, they should flip the state back to "New" and explain why. Note that the Waiting For Release field is used for generating the release note.
  • Closed the issue has been fixed to the satisfaction of the fixer, and has been through the "Waiting for release" state, and is now released to end users. If the reporter isn't satisfied with the fix, they should flip the state back to "New" and explain why. Note that bugs reported against new code (code that has not been released yet) or Extensions (Plugins etc) should jump straight to "Closed" without going through "Waiting for Release" first because we do not want these listed in the Foswiki release note.
  • No Action Required the issue was already fixed, or it's an RTFM, or could not be reproduced and feedback was never received, or it's for a rejected feature proposal.
  • Duplicate the issue has already been reported in a different task; Note the task you've left open in a comment. Try to mark the 'least-useful' task as the Duplicate
Please make sure there is an entry in the details explaining any state change.
Being Worked On
Needs Developer
Needs Merge
No Action Required
Proposal Required
Waiting for Feedback
Waiting for Release
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